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My name is Lea Jasmin. I grew up with my dear family in northern Germany. Since my early childhood nothing brought me as much joy as discovering the new, looking for adventures, nourishing my fantasy with new excitements and finally creating of the imagination that had arisen.

There had been a time, when I had forgotten this essential part of my personality. I have been working in logistics in an 8-5 office job 5 days a week for 5 years. It has been only a matter of time until I realized I had completely forgotten my SELF. It was after a break down and radical change of life when I started to remember what the things were, that got my heart excited, And I realized it is never too late to remember and to go for it!

In 2016 I said goodbye to my beloved hometown Bremen and started my journey. On this trip I've been to incredible places and made precious connections, still the most valuable I like to say is the one to my Self. To my heart and my divine soul.

When I create something I create it with my soul, with my heart and with love. When a piece is finally finished it feels almost like it has come to life. It is a gift, being able to honour this ability of channeling what I receive and to transform creativity into matter.


​This is why I am so grateful for having the chance of following my passion and sharing it here with like-minded people to inspire and create together.

Thank you for your interest,